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Rayson Huang

Rayson Huang , a chemist , expertise at Chemistry on . He was the first Chinese Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong from 1972 to 1986 .

Curriculum Vitae

Shantou, Guangdong native. He completed primary and secondary education in Munsang College, where his father was the founding principal . Originally St. John's University in Shanghai in 1937 to study, but Japan's launch of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident broke out, after 1938 and got a scholarship student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in chemistry, hostel is St. John's Hall , active in student activities at school, in particular, played the violin good. Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in 1941, had a brief Rayson Huang participated in the British auxiliary forces responsible for detecting chemical weapons. 1942, the eve of Hong Kong awarded the wartime Japanese occupation of Hong Kong graduate, and then immediately closed the University of Hong Kong. Rayson Huang visited the mainland in 1942, arrived in Guangxi, a university chemistry department teaching assistants has been transferred to Britain in 1945 after the retrocession of scholarships to study at Oxford University Institute of Chemistry, doctorate in chemistry after three years, then in 1948 to pursue post-doctoral research in the University of Chicago. During his study in Chicago, he knew his wife Grace Wei Huang and finally married with her.

Starting in 1951, Rayson Huang taught chemistry in the University of Malaya in Singapore, which is now called National University of Singapore. Then in 1959, he transferred to University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, he was promoted to be a professor of chemistry, the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Science Faculty. Singaporean Nanyang University even appointed him as the Vice-Chancellor in 1969.

In 1972, Rayson Huang became the first Chinese Vice-chancellor of University of Hong Kong uring which students with good relations Royal Visit students demonstrators storm had subsided. In addition, he served in various capacities including becoming a member of the Basic Law Drafting Committee. Rayson Huang and his wife retired in 1994 after the son went to live with.

In 1999, once they return, his wife, Wei suffering from senile dementia, in the campus lost 1:00, suddenly disappeared, been kept to the rear at the University of Hong Kong

A few months later discovered his body, the suspect was put to death because of falling unemployment falling Hill.

To commemorate his wife, Rayson Huang has set up ''Grace Wei Huang Memorial Fund''. and has written a book on memoirs, ''A Lifetime in Academia: An autobiography by Rayson Huang'', which will be set aside for the fund.

Rayson has a wide range of hobbies, one of the most special is studying violin making. He now still return to Hong Kong regularly. Progress of Hong Kong's Rayson Huang, in his very name, and Malaysia established with the contribution of the chemical "Rayson Huang Foundation."

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